Duplicate contacts on Blackberry

Ever had a situation where you have duplicate contacts on your blackberry? Yeah? Ok, check it:-

If a Blackberry isn’t wiped out prior to configuring it for use on Blackberry Enterprise Services, then duplicate contact can appear, causing a frustrating need to delete the unwanted entries one by one. Sometimes this can also occur if a user attempts to synchronize from the Blackberry Desktop Manager on their computer. Two “Desktop” contact lists are shown on the device and one of them is configured for wireless synchronization. You can’t clear out an address book database on a BE blackberry because it’s marked as read-only — what do you do?

You reset the address book from the device, which completely clears the address book and repopulates it based on the Blackberry Enterprise Server information:

1. On the Blackberry device, go to Contacts and open Options.
2. Type: rset (there isn’t a field to type it in, just type it while Options is open.)
3. Confirm that you want to wipe the contacts.

The address book will then appear blank, but will soon repopulate with the current contact information.


Ref: http://bluescreensolutions.blogspot.com/2009/12/duplicate-contacts-on-blackberry-using.html


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