Restoring SQL 2008 server database backup

Have you ever moved offices, come to switch your VM SQL server on and found that the SQL server image doesn’t even exist? I have. Lucky that I took a backup hey?


Here is how to restore an SQL server backup:-


1. Log on to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio with an account that has the right permissions.

2. Go to “Databases”, right click “New Database”

3. Name the DB the same as it was before. This should be in the name of the backup

4. Navigate to the DB, right click – tasks – restore – Database.

5. Choose “From Device” and navigate to the location of the backup.

6. In the “Select the backup sets to restore” section tick the box under “Restore”.

7. Go to “Options” and tick the box that says “Overwrite the existing database (WITH REPLACE)”

8. Click OK





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