Recover an individual folder from a users mailbox from a Data Protection Manager (DPM) Backup to Exchange 2010

A user came to me the other day. To folders were missing from their inbox and they asked if it would be possible to recover them.
Recently I hade implemented a backup procedure using DPM but, I had no idea how to restore from it.
Here is what I learned:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is create a Recovery Database RDB. This is not like a normal Database as it does not interact with any other Database and no protocols can communicate with it. You have to create this DB with the following PowerShell command line:

    New-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name RDB -Server “servername” -EdbFilePath “path” -LogFolderPath “path”
    Pasted from <>

    Once you have done this, you have to specify that a backup restore job can overwrite this DB:
    Go to the Database properties -> Maintenance and tick the box that says “This Database can be overwritten by a restore”

  2. Next, you need to perform the restore from DPM.
    1. Click the recovery tab, find the DB with the users, choose the date and click recover:

    2. You will then be asked to specify the Exchange server and the name on the recovery DB
  3. Now you have recovered the Database but, it is in a DB that can not communicate with any others. You need to create a recovery users and then use PowerShell to transfer the data. The recover users in just a standard user account.
  4. Once you have created the user run the following command line:

    Restore-Mailbox -Identity Scott -RecoveryDatabase MyRecoveryDatabase -RecoveryMailbox John -TargetFolder Recovery

  5. You Can then give yourself permission to the users mailbox. (right click user, “Manage Full Mailbox permissions”). Do the same for the recover user. You will then see the mailboxes in your Outlook (This can take 5 minutes). You can then drag and drop folders as you wish.