Configuring H3C S5500 EI Switch (Enable Web Interface)

So, what happens if you are not concentrating when you try to buy two HP ProCurve switches? That’s right, you end up with two piece of shit H3C Switches branded as HP. By the way, H3C is a 3Com and Huawei amalgamation under the name HP.

I’m sure the documentation is great……if you happen to speak Chinese.

So, first things first, the web interface is conveniently disabled by default. The only way to connect is via the console cable. This is not too bad. Just download Putty and set the flow control to “none”. Now you’re on the H3C switch console.

Now you need to type “system-view”. This is bit like “Conf t” on a Cisco device.

Next you need to enable to HTTP interface. (Remember, this is switched off by default):-

                Ip http enable

By default, the port number is 80. You can change this if you wish, but why would you?

                Ip http port port-number e.g “ip http 90”

Then you need to create a user to log on to the interface:-

Local user user-name e.g. “local-user admin”

After this, you need to set a password for the user:-

                Password {cipher | simple} password e.g. password simple k1

Now you need to set the authorization attribute level:-

             Authorization-attribute level level e.g. authorization-attribute level 3

Can I just point out, the writer of the manual, at no point, decides to tell you what the different levels are. He thinks it more fun for you to guess over the time period of around 3 days. THANKS VERY MUCH H3C!

Still not there, now you need to set the service type:-

Service-type telnet

That’s right, TELNET. You think it should be HTTP for the HTTP interface?… idiot! H3C know what they’re doing. Do not question them.

Now you need to quit the service level view:-


Now you need to enable a vlan:-

                interface vlan-interface vlan-interface-id interface vlan-interface


(Again, I had to pick 1 out of thin air)

 Lastly, you need to assign an IP:-

ip address ip-address { mask | mask-length } e.g ip address

Everything should be hunky doury after that. Later peps! Oh yeah, I hate H3C!

See think link below for the basic config guide!