Deploy an application using SCCM


Add users photo to Exchange with powershell (Add corporate head shot to a user account in Exchange) for Outlook and Lync

The photo must be 96×96 and less than 10k. Photoshop can do this

Import-RecipientDataProperty -Identity “USERNAME” -Picture -FileData ([Byte[]]$(Get-Content -Path “C:\temp\PICTURENAME.jpg” -Encoding Byte -ReadCount 0))

OWA not working for Mailbox (MB) in remote location – Its all about the proxy!

One site, MB and CAS server all in one site. OWA worked with no issues.

Moved mailbox to another Site and OWA broke.

I had to change the settings on the remote location (MB Locations) for OWA:

Server configuration – > Client Access -> go to the server in question (the MB server) -> OWA (Default Web Site) -> Authentication -> change to “Integrated Windows Authentication” and on general tab, set external URL to nothing.


Exchange 2003 edb faliure disaster recovery procedure – Moving to exchange 2010

The mailserver has blown up, you get the server back online but the mailsotre won’t boot.  First of all you try all of the Microsoft eseutil fixes but, still no joy. None of the mailstores will come back online. The disater recovery procedure highlighted in this blog gives a step-by-step guide to restoreing your mailstores, for each user, from the users local cached exchange store.

1. Local the user in Active Directory and delete their current mailbox (You’ve lost the mail store anyway.)

2. Create a new mailbox for the same user account. Create this on DUBBUR-MB01  – KPS Default Store (KPS Specific)

-Same process as above, but choose create mailbox

3. Go to the users machine and open outlook with their old profile. Archive this profile to a local PST. Take a opy of this PST to an external HDD for safe storage.

4. Create a new profile called Dubai Hosted and set this as default. On Exchange 2010 DUBBUR-MB03


b. Select “User Mailbox” and “Next”

c. Select “Exisiting User” and “Next”

d. Find the user in AD

E. Specifiy rather than Auto. Just choose sales for now.

5. Open outlook with this new profile and mount the PST file.

For outlook use these settings.

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You will have to reconfigure each users blackberry.